Mrs. Bodnarchuk & Mr. Chrusch have arranged for all students to attend Stonewall Curling Club in March. Please take note of when your child will be curling. If you have a curling broom that your child can bring to school that would be very helpful as the school has a limited number to give out. Students MUST have indoor shoes for their scheduled curling day.

Tuesday, March 7th:
Period 1&2 – 7K and 7W

Period 3&4 – 7Y and 7M

Period 5&6 – 8F and 7C

Wednesday, March 8th:

Period 1&2 – 8N and 8E

Period 3&4 – 6A & 5W

Period 5&6 – 6H & 5K

Thursday, March 9th:

Period 1&2 – 8J and 8T

Period 3&4 – 5B and 6F

Period 5&6 – 6P and 6M

Tuesday, March 14th:

Period 1&2 – Jr. High curling tryouts for our school Divisional team. Students who are interested in attending tryouts must already have curling experience on a team and should let Mrs. Bodnarchuk and Mr. Chrusch know during their class curling date.

Period 5&6 – 5C and 5D

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