In accordance with Administrative Procedure 4010 – Administration of Medication, families may request that an over the counter medication be administered to a child in a school. Over-the-counter medication administration must also be governed by physician’s instruction. An over-the-counter medication requires:

  • a dispensing label from a pharmacy; and/or
  • clearly written instructions from a physician with the medication in the original container and  delivered by a responsible adult;
  • over-the-counter medication shall not be administered by any employee in a school unless:
    • Request to Administer Medication Form has been completed by the parent or guardian;
    • the first dose of an over-the-counter medication has been administered at a place other than the community setting and has been well tolerated; and
    • conditions for  acceptance have been met. i.e. medications have a finite usable period of effectiveness. Parents or guardians shall be responsible for replacing expired medications, as well as the  removal and disposal of  expired medications.