Mrs. Bodnarchuk and Mr. Chrusch have once again planned for all of our Grade 5-8 classes to have the opportunity to attend the Ice Palace for a chance to skate during the week of December 5th – 9th. Students will be bussed to and from the skating rink for a two-period block. Students will be doing this as a part of their regular Physical Education programming, and we encourage all students to attend.

Students are asked to bring their own skates and a helmet. HELMETS ARE REQUIRED regardless of your child’s skating experience (bike helmets are acceptable). If they are choosing to play sponge hockey on one half of the ice, they will need a helmet with a cage and their own hockey stick. If your child needs equipment, the school has some donated equipment that can be lent out, but please make every effort to borrow to ensure that all students have the chance to skate.



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