École Stonewall Centennial School will be raising money this Fall by selling Show & Save.

The Show & Save App has exploded in popularity. The simplicity and convenience of it, along with the growing number of cool features has helped people to save more money than ever before.

You can flag your favorite coupons, keep track of coupons you have redeemed, see nearby savings as well as search for businesses by name and keywords. It gets better, new businesses are joining all the time. For only $25 you can experience endless savings with Show & Save.

Sell even more! With the Online Ordering System your friends and and family can support our school by purchasing Show & Save online or in the App itself. All they have to do is enter our school’s Fundraising code – 65GNN – and when they do, our school gets the profit from the sale and their App Activation Code is emailed directly to them. No need to collect any money, or hand out any product. How easy is that?!

By purchasing your Show & Save from us, you will be supporting our school while at the same time saving a lot of money.

Click here for more information!

Click here for some of the popular vendors featured in the app!

Click here for a list of selling tips!

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